Committee on Transportation System Operations (CTSO)

AASHTO Liaisons
Gummada Murthy, Associate Program Director, Operations
Patrick Zelinski, Associate Program Manager

Working Group on Freight Operations 


Dave Huft, South Dakota DOT

Geno Koehler, Illinois DOT

The Working Group on Freight Operations addresses the following topics:

  • Permitting harmonization
  • Federal mandates (Industry coordination, emergency moves, electronic credentialing, etc.)
  • Truck parking
  • Connected and automated vehicles (platooning)
  • Pilot car safety
  • Related research initiatives
  • Data/performance management needs


Guide for Maximum Dimensions and Weights of Motor Vehicles, 5th Edition, Single User PDF Download

This guide provides information for states and commercial carriers that can be used in connection with vehicle size and weight issues and permit practices directed towards improving safety, managing highway and bridge infrastructure, and streamlining regulatory processes. It contains definitions of commonly-used terms, descriptions of vehicles in regular operation, dimension and weight limits, and an overview of the permitting process for overweight, oversize vehicles. It also provides an explanation of the rules and processes related to the movement of military vehicles.

Information about permit harmonization can be found on this page.

The CTSO Working Group on Freight Operations met February 20, 2019, in Houston, Texas, in coordination with the Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association’s Specialized Transportation Symposium.

The agenda, meeting notes, and presentations from the meeting are available on the following page.


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