2017 STSMO Annual Meeting

The 2017 STSMO Annual Meeting was held jointly with the AASHTO Special Committee on Wireless Communications (SCOWCT) September 12-14, 2017, in Rapid City, South Dakota. Select presentations from this meeting are available below.

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Day 1: Tuesday, September 12, 2017

STSMO Weather Workshop

Setting the Stage for Weather and Operations | Steve Cook, Michigan DOT
FHWA Road Weather Management Program | Paul Pisano, FHWA
Meteorologists in the TMC | Blaine Leonard, Utah DOT
MDSS and Advanced Forecasting | Dave Huft, South Dakota DOT
Road Weather Management in Colorado | Ryan Rice, Colorado DOT
Weather Responsive VSL Project | Galen McGill, Oregon DOT
IMO and WRTM | Steve Cook, Michigan DOT

Day 2: Wednesday, September 13, 2017

JOINT: AASHTO Committee Restructuring and Committee on Transportation System Operations

AASHTO Committee Restructuring and Committee on Transportation System Operations | Jim McDonnell, AASHTO

STSMO Focus Area 3-Traffic Incident Management Technical Advisory Group

STSMO Focus Area 3-Traffic Incident Management Technical Advisory Group | Tim Lane, Arizona DOT; Joey Sagal, Maryland DOT

SCOWT Year in Review

SCOWCT Year in Review | Paul Gilbert, Texas DOT; Russ Buchholz, North Dakota DOT; Collin Castle, Michigan DOT

STSMO Focus Area 2-Performance Measures

STSMO Focus Area 2-Performance Measures | Daniela Bremmer, Washington State DOT; Tony Kratofil, Michigan DOT

JOINT: STSMO Focus Area 1-Systems Operations Strategies

Operations Guidebook Project Update and Next Steps | Les Jacobson, WSP
New Framework for ITS Architectures (ARC IT)
Transportation Management for the I-85 Bridge Collapse, Repair | John Hibbard, Georgia DOT

JOINT: STSMO Focus Area 4-Connected and Automated Vehicles

Overview of STSMO CAV Focus Area | Blaine Leonard, Utah DOT
SCOWCT Future and Emerging Technology – Overview | Collin Castle, Michigan DOT
Connected & Automated Vehicles-An Automotive Perspective | Ed Bradley, Toyota
Level 5 Automation-Deployment, Testing, and Legal Issues | Ed Bradley, Toyota
NCHRP CAV Research Update (current and recently completed projects) | Ray Derr, TRB

Day 3: Thursday, September 14, 2017

STSMO Focus Area 5-STSMO Research Programs

STSMO Research Programs | Galen McGill, Oregon DOT; Scott Marler, Iowa DOT
Update on Cyber Security for Traffic Management Systems | Russ Buchholz, North Dakota DOT
NCHRP Updates | Ray Derr, TRB
Update on Workforce for TSMO | Tony Kratofil, Michigan DOT
FHWA Updates | Tracy Scriba, FHWA

STSMOBusiness Meeting

Regional Operations Leadership Forums (ROLF), State DOT Perspective | Ryan Rice, Colorado DOT; Brad Freeze, Tennesee DOT

Technical/Research Updates and Wrap-Up

Public Safety Radio Spectrum Management | Michael Henderson, RadioSoft, Inc.

TSMO Strategies and NOCoE Resources in Action Peer Exchange

NOCoE Sponsored Virtual Peer Exchange- TMC Staffing