Subcommittee on Transportation Systems Management and Operations (STSMO)

AASHTO Liaison
Patrick Zelinski, Engineering Operations Specialist

Traffic Incident Management Technical Working Group

Traffic Incident Management Technical Advisory Group (TIMTAG) Business Plan Overvew​​ (March 24, 2017)

STSMO convenes a TIM Working Group to compile multidisciplinary trends and needs, convene a TIM Pooled Fund Study to develop improvements in practice, and define TIM within the broad context of TSMO.

The TIM Working Group uses a TIM Technical Advisory Group (TIMTAG) to solicit input and coordination with national TIM discipline representative groups, support the FHWA TIM ELG, and complete multidisciplinary projects that benefit AASHTO membership.

AASHTO TSMO Update and TIM Performance Measures Case Studies (July 22, 2014)

This webinar provided went over case studies for traffic incident management (TIM) performance measures from Arizona and Michigan, and it provided a brief update on the Subcommittee on Transportation Systems Operation and Management. A recording of the webinar and a PDF of the slides are available for download:

ITS can be used to support effective incident management in work zones. Work zones may have reduced capacity and limited shoulders and pullouts. These conditions increase the importance of clearing incidents as quickly as possible to maintain the already-reduced capacity. WZ ITS can enable quicker incident identification and more efficient response.


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