Subcommittee on Transportation Systems Management and Operations (STSMO)

AASHTO Liaison
Patrick Zelinski, Engineering Operations Specialist

Systems Operations Strategies Focus Area

Systems Operations Strategies focuses on Federal programs such as the connected vehicle program, integrated corridor management (ICM), and active traffic management (ATM). The focus also includes State DOT programs (such as work zone and incident management), and academic based research activities. The Subcommittee’s interests also include broader operations objectives involving business practices, cost benefit analysis, and other areas promoting operations within the State DOTs.

Notes from January 17, 2017, Focus Area call

For more than a decade beginning in Nagoya, Japan in 2004, AASHTO Day has taken place at the outset of the ITS World Congresses, attracting a wide array of outstanding speakers and participants to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing public agencies as they deploy technologies to transform our transportation system. This year, AASHTO has prepared proceedings from the Sunday morning convening for sharing and use not only by those who attending the event, but others from around the world who might benefit from the presentations and subsequent conversations that took place. The topic was Infrastructure readiness for connected and automated vehicles. This is a priority that public agencies around the world see as critical to help the traveling public safely navigate the transport options available to them in commuting to work, home, and to use their leisure time efficiently.

Third SSOM Webinar on Integrated Corridor Management: March 27, 2014

The AASHTO Sub-Committee on Systems Operations and Management (SSOM) is pleased to present a webinar series focused on the topic of “Integrated Corridor Management”.  The third webinar in the series (hosted in March 27, 2014) gave a brief overview if Integrated Corridor Management around the country and it described specific examples in Washington State; Maricopa County, Arizona; and Utah. A recording of this webinar and a PDF of the slides are available for download:

Second SSOM Webinar on Integrated Corridor Management: February 27, 2014

The second webinar in the series focused on a case study from San Diego that represents an example of full-scale implementation of ICM on a major corridor. Presenters included Alex Estrella and Peter Thompson from the San Diego Association of Governments and Robert Sheehan of the Federal Highway Administration’s Office of Operations.

January 29th, 2014; 10:00AM – 11:00 AM PST; SSOM Webinar on Integrated Corridor Management

The AASHTO Sub-Committee on Systems Operations and Management (SSOM) is pleased to present a webinar series focused on the topic of “Integrated Corridor Management”.  As SSOM members discussed a wide variety of system operations focused initiatives at our 2013 Annual meeting, Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) was the topic of choice in terms of immediate relevance as States consider strategies to get the most out of their existing facilities.   This first webinar is intended to provide an overview of ICM, covering the basics of what this set of operational strategies represents, the types of objectives and benefits associated with various levels of implementation, and what it takes for successful sustained deployment.  We are fortunate to have Mr. Robert Sheehan of the Federal Highway Administration’s Office of Operations as our presenter for this first session.  Mr. Sheehan has had direct involvement in major ICM deployment efforts across the country and provides a wealth of knowledge and experience on this topic.

You may access the recorded webinar at the address below.