Subcommittee on Transportation Systems Management and Operations (STSMO)

AASHTO Liaison
Patrick Zelinski, Engineering Operations Specialist

STSMO Strategic Plan

STSMO 2015 Strategic Plan


Transform the national transportation community to a TSM&O culture that focuses on effectively managing and operating the surface transportation system.


Reduce crashes, injuries, fatalities and improve network efficiency and system mobility by engaging state DOT’s, other AASHTO committees and partner organizations in support of increasing agency capability and utilization of TSM&O strategies.

Strategic Goals

Eight Strategic Goals have been identified to support the STSMO Vision and Mission.

1. Encourage adoption of proven TSM&O concepts and strategies

2. Support DOTs in implementation of system performance measurement and management to tie in with TSM&O

3. Develop and evolve a workforce that is fully capable of accommodating and expanding TSM&O through development of needed skillsets and training.

4. Continue to make the business case for TSM&O.

5. Strengthen relationships and processes among the AASHTO groups and external organizations involved in TSM&O.

6. Guide and support the programs and services of the National Operations Center of Excellence, in collaboration with ITE and ITS America.

7. Build on and expand the use of the capability maturity model to improve agency TSM&O capability and expertise.

8. Encourage and facilitate the development and deployment of connected vehicle infrastructure and applications, including elements that support automated vehicle features.