Subcommittee on Transportation Systems Management and Operations (STSMO)

AASHTO Liaison
Patrick Zelinski, Engineering Operations Specialist

2016 STSMO Annual Meeting: August 1-5, 2016

The 2016 STSMO Annual Meeting was conjoined with TRB’s RTSMO Committee and the AASHTO Subcommittee on Highway Transport (SCOHT). Select presentations from this meeting are available below.

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Day 1: Monday, August 1 2016

Workshop on Cybersecurity and ITS Standards

ITS/CV/AV Standards Update

Day 2: Tuesday, August 2 2016

STSMO & RTSMO 2 Part Technical Session

A. Operations Guide/Design Elements Workshop

B. AV/CV Policy and Operational Issues

Day 3: Wednesday, August 3 2016

Joint Plenary Session (STSMO/SCOHT/RTSMO/FHWA)

TSM&O Hot Topics

Six Concurrent Individual Committee/Technical Working Group/Technical Breakout Sessions

Group 1: STSMO Systems Operations Strategies Technical Working Group; and RTSMO Regional Highway & Transit Signal Operations Subcommittee, Planning for Operations Subcommittee, Planning for Operations Subcommittee.

Group 2: STSMO Performance Measures Technical Working Group and RTSMO Managing the Performance of Transportation Operations Subcommittee and Data for Operations Subcommittee

Group 3: STSMO Technical Working Group and RTSMO Research Committee

Group 4: STSMO Traffic Incident Management Technical Working Group and RTSMO Regional Traffic Incident Management Subcommittee

  • Research and Project Updates
    • FHWA Updates
    • NOCoE Updates
    • NCHRP TIM Updates
    • Secondary Crash Reporting and Analysis
    • CV Data Challenge
    • AASHTO TIMTAG Updates
  • NCHRP 20-7(385) TIMTAG Business Plan Development
  • Coordination between TIMTAG and TIM Subcommittee

Group 5: STSMO Connected and Automated Vehicles Technical Working Group

Group 6: SCOHT Breakout Session

​Day 4, Thursday August 4 2016

TWG Breakout Session Reports

Update on Research

NOCoE Update

Day 5, Friday August 5 2016

SHRP2 Deployment and TSMO